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The RHRN Bump

Right Here Right Now Introduces the “BUMP”

The RHRN vision is to bring more mindfulness and balance into people’s lives by introducing a visual reminder we call the “Bump“.

Surrounding yourself with this unique symbol throughout your day reminds you to check in, take a breath, be aware of your surroundings, and to Live Life NOW.

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Creating any new habit takes practice, Right Here Right Now is here to help simplify your mindfulness habit by giving you the tools for a more purposeful practice of being present. 

We know what it takes to make this healthy habit part of life because we walk this road too.  It begins in subtle ways, start by incorporating the “bump” symbol throughout your day, each time you see the bump ask yourself “Am I right here right now?”  If the answer is no, stop, take a deep breath, calm the noise in your mind, focus on something around you, come back to the moment.  This simple process works, as the habit takes hold the answer becomes “yes, I am right here right now.”

So, gear up get your bump on and keep coming back to, let us help you on your way to a healthier, happier you.

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Want to learn more on how to live in the present? Find articles, tips and tools on how to live Right Here Right Now. Guest contributor Dr. Mary Jen Meerdink also provides clinical and health benefits of living in the present.


The RHRN phone app is a great tool for helping you to stay present throughout your day and in your life. Enjoy Right Here Right Now tips, tools and random bumps. Connect and share with the RHRN community and social network.


Where are you right here, right now?

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