Where are you Right Here Right Now?

Our message is simple, spend more time Right Here Right Now.

The more time we spend being present the happier we are.  The happier we are the kinder we are.  Winner. Winner. Winner.

The Right Here Right Now message provides subtle "Bumps" throughout your day, reminding you to take 10 seconds to get out of your head and check into NOW.  Make it a habit, you will find you are calmer, happier, have a greater awareness and enjoy more of life.

Order your Bump Box today and plaster the Right Here Right Now message everywhere.  

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Wallpapering the world with reminders to be happy & kind

What people are loving about RHRN
My RHRN water bottle is my favorite mindfulness reminder because it helps me achieve two of my goals--drinking water throughout the day and being mindful. My water bottle is with me most of the time. When I see the symbol on the side of it, I check in and see where my thoughts are... past, future, present? I take a breath, take a drink, and shift to the present if I'm not already there.

- Cynthia
What people are loving about RHRN
The message is clear. The symbol is beautiful. The people are genuine. The product quality is second to none. Love me some RHRN!

- Katie
What people are loving about RHRN
I love this message! When I am on my way to work and I find myself drifting to thoughts that no longer serve me, I glance at the bump hanging from my rear-view mirror and it brings my attention back to what is surrounding me and where I am at that moment…Also love all the messages I get from RHRN

What people are loving about RHRN
Thank you so much for sending me a surprise package of RHRN gifts. You really lifted my soul. The beautiful symbol makes it so easy to remember the message at the less peaceful moments in my life.

- Ruth
What people are loving about RHRN
It is so easy to worry about the future. We must live in the moment. Thank you for the frequent reminder

- Andrea
What people are loving about RHRN
I Enjoy practicing Right Here Right Now...took me some time to feel the power of the bump but I have it now!!! Thanks for bump box I love all the gifts.

What people are loving about RHRN
Love the message and the symbol. Decal is on my window at work to be reminded to stay present.

- Collin
What people are loving about RHRN
Love the RHRN movement almost as much as I love my RHRN sweatshirt! The RHRN message has changed my life and made me a happier and less stressful person. I don't have time to meditate or take nature walks, but I have 10 seconds a few times a day to remind myself to live right here right now.

- Jason
What people are loving about RHRN
It all arrived in one piece, beautifully packaged and nicely packed. I love that it’s eco-friendly packaging too, that’s right up my street! I also love that the first thing you see is the card that gives you a bump and tells you to take a breath and think of some things you are grateful for before you’ve even unpacked it. All of the products are great quality and well thought about, I was very excited!

- Rachel
What people are loving about RHRN
One of the most amazing changes I’ve experienced from living with the RHRN symbol is how it has helped me become super aware of how I am feeling in the moment. Noticing feelings of stress or anxiousness as soon as they arise, and being present enough to take a deep breath and put them into perspective or “drown them out” with gratitude, means I spend much more time allowing JOY into my life and much less time at the mercy of states I don’t want to be in. Thank you RHRN!!

- Vonni

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