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Outfitters of self-care and living in the present moment

Mindful Collection

We all need a reminder to be present, be kind, and have fun

Life Is Pretty InTents

This new Artist Collection was created in Southwest Colorado

So what's with the symbol?

Look for it - it’s our little reminder to be present

Made in Colorado

Right Here Right Now was founded in Durango, CO.  Our hometown inspires us to want to be more present, slow things down a little, and try to keep it all in perspective.  

Right Here Right Now’s line of mindful t-shirts and peace-themed apparel are ethically made in the United States and printed in Colorado. Made of ultra-soft cotton, these women’s and men's graphic t-shirts are designed to move with you throughout life’s adventures.

We donate 10% to schools around the Country

We donate 10% of our net profits to schools to introduce the 'Mindful Minute' to young children.  By bringing mindfulness into the classroom we are helping to teach kids how to utilize their entire brain in their learning, functioning & decision making.

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Mindful Collection

The past is behind us and the future is waiting to unfold, but staying mindful in the present moment creates memories to last a lifetime. Don’t let fretting about the past or daydreaming about “what could be” steal your Right Here Right Now–it’s the most important moment we have!

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Artist Collection

Life might get “InTents” sometimes, but this is your encouragement to sit back, take a deep breath, and relish in nature’s daily reminder to enjoy the little things. Our camping t-shirts are illustrated by local Durango, CO artist Karen Patrum and inspire us to simply live in the moment.

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