Welcome to Right Here Right Now

The more present we are the happier we are. The happier we are the kinder we are. Winner. Winner. Winner.

The Message is Simple
The Shift is Powerful

There are many ways to say it, live in the moment, be present, mindfulness, live in the now, be now, Right Here Right Now…

The message may be simple but it takes practice to make it a habit.  The more  you practice mindful living the more natural it becomes.

Learning to live in the moment can change your life.

We can allow the stress, distractions, and chaos of our fast paced lives to impede our ability to be present or we can be present with our stress, distractions, and chaos and find joy within it.  Recognize all of these things are in our mind, we can allow them to control us or we can take control and learn to see them differently.

Consider this your mindfulness exercise program.  Begin by focusing on what you are doing in this moment, what you are thinking, how your body feels, observe your space.  Being present isn’t meant to be floating in la la land, quite the contrary, it is more being aware of your internal sensations and your external surroundings.  At first it can be challenging keeping your mind from wandering to thinking of the past or pondering the future, when it does just gently bring it back to now. 

When we are in a state of presence our life is in focus.  Such as, when we are in a stressful situation at work, we can become distracted and annoyed with all the  things we have to do.  Instead of looking at the big picture, break it down and pick a task, be completely present with what you are doing.  When you set aside all of the things you cannot control and focus on what you can you will find yourself more productive and have a greater sense of satisfaction.  Allowing yourself to be Right Here Right Now stressful situations become manageable, even enjoyable.

This same technique applies to all aspects of our life, kids, relationships, family, you get the picture.  The people in our life don’t want presents they want our presence.  Being in the moment with those around us opens our relationships to thrive and allows for us to experience more joy and contentment.

When you open yourself up to living in the now you will find calm in the storm, wonder in the world around you, greater quality of relationships and a finer, more joyful sense of self.  The shift is powerful.