7 Right Here Right Now Exercises for a Mindful Week

We all know that practice makes perfect, at least it moves us in that direction.
Practice is the purpose of the Right Here Right Now Bump symbol—it reminds us to keep our thoughts on the present moment, instead of fretting about the past and worrying about the future.

Here’s 7 simple Right Here Right Now exercises, one for each day of the week. Check them off in any order, but do one a day. They may seem silly, but just do it and notice if your practice doesn’t give you a more in-the-moment perspective overall.

  1. Take a Right Here Right Now Walk
    As you walk notice the temperature in the air, the sounds you hear, and the things you see. Be curious and ask yourself questions about what you observe. Notice how your body feels. How does it feel when your foot takes a step? How does your foot feel in your shoe?
  2. Eat an Apple Mindfully
    Take a bite of an apple and chew slowly. As you’re chewing, notice what the apple tastes like—is it sweet or tart? Is the skin tender or tough? Draw in the scent of the apple. Listen to the sound you hear when you bite into it and when you chew.
  3. Have a Right Here Right Now Conversation
    Put your phone or other distractions aside and choose a conversation this week that you’ll consciously engage in, listening carefully to the words that are spoken by the other person, and even by yourself. Notice how you and the other person are responding. Ask questions.
  4. Mindfully Brush Your Teeth
    Teeth brushing is one of those autopilot tasks that allows us to think about other things while we’re doing it. One time this week don’t think about anything while you’re brushing your teeth other than how the brush feels as it scrubs your teeth, gums, and tongue. How does the toothpaste taste? Is the moisture cool or warm?
  5. Spend 5 Minutes in Right Here Right Now Observation
    Whether you’re sitting on a park bench or at your kitchen table looking out the window, observe everything you can for 5 minutes. Notice what you see, the sounds, and the smells in the air. Ask curious questions about what you’re observing.
  6. Listen Mindfully to a Piece of Music
    Listen to a piece of music, preferably without lyrics so that words don’t tempt your mind to wander. Notice the sounds of the different instruments you can hear and how they solo or overlap one another. Notice when the music is soft or loud, high or low pitched.
  7. Practice a Right Here Right Now Breathing Meditation for 5 minutes
    In a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed, sit in a comfortable position. Set an alarm for 5 minutes and begin to breath—take long slow breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Notice how the air feels in your nostrils, your lungs, your mouth, and over your lips as it comes out of your mouth. Listen to the sound your breathing makes.

You may find that one or more of these exercises leave you feeling more at peace and grounded in the now. Put those exercises on your list to practice again, and add more to your list of favorites over time to practice and strengthen your ability to stay in the moment with your thoughts to reap the benefits of an in-the-moment Right Here Right Now existence.

~Cynthia Cartier