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My Road to NOW…

Posted by Suzanne Bowker on
My Road to NOW…

My Road To NOW

As we move along the journey of life, if we are lucky, we have someone that has had a strong influence in our road to NOW.  That person in my life is a woman named Patricia Munson.

The time was 1987, I was getting my sobriety legs beneath me, recovering from a divorce, and rebuilding my life.  I accepted an invitation from my friend Marty to attend a women’s workshop facilitated by Patricia, for me that weekend was a ray of hope during a very difficult time in my life.

Patricia and I went on to become the best of friends and remain so 30 years on.  In much of what I write and share I hear Patricia’s words in my ear.

As time goes on and our lives take different roads these types of friends are always there.  These are the friendships that time and distance do not change, each time we speak or see each other we pick up where we left off.  There is no need for hurt because we haven’t spoken in a while, only joy because we get to connect NOW.

I want to acknowledge my lifelong friend for the difference she has made in the lives of many.  Thank you for this journey and all the journeys before.

I had a choice to change

When I look back at my 1987 life, I was as raw and vulnerable as I have ever been.  It was as though I had been peeled like an onion, layer by layer.  What I discovered in that place was, I could rebuild those layers to be any me I wanted to become.  I had spent enough time being the me I didn’t want to be, I had the chance to change that and I took it.

I believe we learn most in life when the road is difficult.  To me, these are the times when life pulls us up, shakes us around, and screams “listen up!”  I have also found that if I choose not to listen that’s okay, because I am guaranteed the universe will give me another opportunity to “get it” later, usually with a bigger lesson and a louder “listen up!”

During that huge pothole of my life I learned about accountability, forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude.  These became the mainstay tools in my box for the future potholes, of which there have been many.  My road has taken many twists, turns, detours, and at times, been completely off course.  Each of these have brought me back to a better me.  The beauty of the dark times is, without them how would we know to celebrate the good times?

Where I am Right Here Right Now

I am grateful every day for the lessons in my life and the people that have been part of those lessons, both the positive and the painful.  All of these experiences have brought me to this moment and there is no place that I would rather be than Right Here Right Now.

RHRN ~ Suzanne

*Footnote - I am blessed to celebrate more than 30 years of sobriety, I cannot imagine my life without it.  Oh, and that divorce I mentioned, we reconnected in 2001, married in 2002, and am happy to say,“we got it right the second time.”  Without forgiveness, that would never have happened.

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