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The Grocery Store of Life. What's In Your Cart?

Posted by Suzanne Bowker on
The Grocery Store of Life.   What's In Your Cart?

So, let’s look at life as a giant grocery store.  

We come into the world and somewhere around 4 or 5 we start to make friends, we grab a cart and the shopping spree commences.

As we go up and down the aisles we come across sports, school clubs, interest and hobbies.  We round the corner and find educational decisions, colleges, degrees, or we pass that and continue on to jobs and careers.

Along the journey, we add more friendships, relationships, perhaps marriage(s).  We turn up the next aisle and might explore faith, religion, beliefs. We may keep the same faith we were raised with.

We’ve added some cars to our cart, maybe some big people toys like recreational vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, we’ve begun to create other interest.  What are they?

We toss in some homes, are we renters or buyers?  Do we live in the same house, same town, or are we movers?

What is our lifestyle?  Are we active or are we more sedintary? 

There is a whole row for happiness and kindness, yep, just happiness and kindness.

Let’s look at vacations, are we travelers?  Do we explore or are we more comfortable closer to home?

There is an entire aisle dedicated to community work, volunteerism, activism, and giving back.

We’ve reached the retirement section, what does that look like?

The grocery store is large, there are many aisles, it seems to go on and on, but eventually we reach the check-out counter.

What’s in your cart?  How many carts do you have?  Does the cashier look up and say “way to go, you really topped up your carts, that’s quite a life you’ve had?”  

Or does the cashier look at your trolly and say “this is it?” “In this giant store of life that is all you wanted?”

You see, there were no rules, no limits to what and how much we could put in our cart, how many carts we could have or how many times we could go back up the aisles.  It was all there for our taking, our experience.

So, what’s in your cart?  Are you doing what you want with whom you want?  Are you where you want to be?  Do you love your job?  Are you waiting for someday to take those vacations?  

Are you living your life Right Here Right Now or are you hung up on the past and how things didn’t turn out or spending your days waiting for tomorrow for it to begin?  The deal is, while you are looking back or waiting for tomorrow life is happening now, it is happening whether you are participating or not, are you happening with it?

This is your life, these are your carts, fill those babies up, get more carts.  Arrive at the checkout with a giant grin on your face yelling “what a ride!”  


(I share this analogy from my friend, mentor, facilitator and author Patricia Munson.  It was always one of my favorites.)

RHRN ~ Suzanne






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