Tolerance, Forgiveness & Kindness

 Tolerance, Forgiveness, & Kindness


I am a student of life and boy do I have a lot to learn  Lately I have been seeing and experiencing some things that don’t feel great.

What is happening to tolerance?  

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I pulled into a station to get gas.  I pulled up to the pump as another car was pulling out, a guy comes up to my window and says, “Do you realize you just pulled in front of that logging truck?”  I was so embarrassed that I had not noticed him waiting and I immediately pulled around to the other side.

I stopped to apologize to the truck driver, but before I could say anything the first guy was saying to him “can you believe she cut in front of you like that?” And the truck drivers response was “yes, I believe it!”  I did interrupt their commiserating and apologized for being oblivious to his position in line and I went about my way.

Here is my question, did they really think it was my intention to cut the guy off?  I firmly believe most people do not roll out of bed thinking, “Who can I mess with today?”  

It seems as though we have gotten quick to jump to the negative conclusion and the benefit of the doubt is becoming something of the past.  I frequently notice strangers making a conversation connection over something negative rather than something positive.

What would our day look like if we practiced more tolerance?  What if we were quicker to forgive than to anger for perceived infractions?  What if we returned intolerance with kindness?

In our fast paced lives it is time to slow down, look around and notice those around us.  Offer more smiles than frowns, more “that’s okay” than dirty looks, more kindness.

This I know for sure, when we are being kind it is impossible to be anything but Right Here Right Now.  

Give it a try, let me know what you find: