What is Right Here Right Now?

What is RHRN?

  1. RHRN is the practice of spending more time living and enjoying life in real time.
  2. RHRN is recognizing when we are immersed in thinking of the past or worried about the future instead of where we are, becomes lost moments of our life.
  3. RHRN is the ability to shift from mind chatter to awareness in seconds.
  4. RHRN teaches us to live in the moment, thus enhancing our relationships and providing tools for living a more joyful life.
  5. RHRN allows us to choose at any moment to still our mind and open ourselves to finding inner peace.

Some Tools to Help Us Be Present

  1. Think about things you are grateful for.  Notice what is around you, focus on something that brings you JOY.
  2. Make a choice to spend as many moments as you can throughout your day clearing your mind and focusing on something that brings you back to NOW.
  3. Surround your environment with RHRN gear that trigger reminders to be present.  Spending more time in the moment makes for a more productive and satisfying day.
  4. Let go.  Most of our mind chatter does not serve us and only creates unease.  We cannot change the past, we can learn from it, we can look for gratitude in it, we can let it go.  Tomorrow isn’t here yet, realize how much precious time you spend thinking or worrying about things that never happen.  So many beautiful moments of NOW slip by.  Let go of the chatter and open your eyes, mind, and heart to this moment, it is the only one that matters.
  5. The more time we allow ourselves to be mindful the easier it is, eventually being present becomes a choice we can make at will. We begin to recognize when we are caught up in our heads when we are stressed, when we feel out of control, and we can flip the switch and bring it back to NOW.  Keep practicing, your health and well being depend on it.


~ Suzanne