Journal - Triple Wrapped Leather (Chestnut)
Journal - Triple Wrapped Leather (Chestnut)
Journal - Triple Wrapped Leather (Chestnut)
Journal - Triple Wrapped Leather (Chestnut)
Journal - Triple Wrapped Leather (Chestnut)

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Journal - Triple Wrapped Leather (Chestnut)

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These unique triple wrapped leather journals are a great place to keep your Right Here Right Now Moments. This beautiful journal is 100% hand made and conditioned for a soft and durable finish and fire branded with Right Here Right Now and the RHRN "Bump" symbol.

Refills Available

Chestnut (light brown) 

Small: 4” width x 6” height.
Medium: 5” width x 7-1/2” height.

Included with your journal is one 88 page paper notebook with lined pages. You can replace the inserts with replacement paper notebooks.

Chestnut journal comes with wrap around leather strap.

Each leather piece is unique and slight variations in color and tone are naturally occurring. Made from top-grade cowhide, oiled and conditioned for a soft yet durable finish.

Handmade in the USA.

Small: 0.4 lb.
Medium: 0.6 lb.

These beautiful and unique leather notebooks or journals are the perfect purchase for someone looking for a new journal. Buy this notebook for any of your journaling needs. They are especially perfect if you are looking for a place to take a moment to soak up the here and now. Since RHRN is all about living in the moment and practicing mindfulness, we don't see any better way than grabbing your journal and jotting down a few of your thoughts as you drink your morning cup of coffee, reflect before bed, or reach the top of a hike.

This journal comes in a neutral chestnut color and includes RHRN symbol and lettering branded into the front and inside cover as your gentle reminder to live in the now and appreciate each moment you're given. The journal comes in a small or medium size so you can pick between one the easily slips into your purse or bag to one that will hold a few more of your thoughts. The dimensions for the small journal are 4" by 6" and the medium journal is 5" by 7.5". Both sizes are handmade in the USA.

The best part about these unique notebooks or journals is that they can be refilled (it comes with a notebook with lined paper) so you can enjoy the intentional design for years to come. Explore our other stress reliving presents for sale now among our collection of powerful mindfulness gifts.