Right Here Right Now Wristband (2pcs)
Right Here Right Now Wristband (2pcs)
Right Here Right Now Wristband (2pcs)

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Right Here Right Now Wristband (2pcs)

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We not only wear our Right Here Right Now wristbands all the time, we are constantly taking them off and handing them to folks we meet along the way – fellow humans looking for ways to bring more presence into their daily lives. A great 'wearable bump,' and a great gift to give away. The mindfulness reminder bracelet is for sale in a bundle of 2 so that you can keep one and give one away.

Let us know if you have a special event or school colors and we can special order the colors of your choice.  


Dark navy blue.

Features the Right Here Right Now text and RHRN bump symbol.

Regular: 2-1/2” diameter.
Small: 2-1/4” diameter.

Both small and regular sizes: 0.1 oz. ea.

We've all had days when it would be helpful to be reminded, even gently, that the problems we are focusing on are not such a big deal. Many of us struggle with leaving work at work or with fully embracing a new experience. These RHRN mindfulness reminder bracelet pairs are for sale now and may be just the solution you need. This simple blue, mindfulness wristband, which will work with any outfit and stretch to fit most wrists, can be easily put on when you are about to embark on a new journey or when you are trying to leave behind negative thoughts and rumination. The two pack is an intentional choice: when you get the benefits of reminding yourself to be in the present moment, you can share those benefits with someone who matters to you and who may want to be in the moment, as well.

The mindfulness reminder bracelet is for sale, and the packs make great gifts for teams, colleagues, classmates, and friends who all want to hold each other accountable to living in the moment and truly enjoying life. The wristbands are water resistant and won't fade, so wearing them all the time is easy without fear that they'll experience degradation. It can be hard to remember to live in the moment, so this mindfulness wristband greets you with the important message of "Right Here, Right Now" every time you look down and notice them.