10 Seconds to now


Our always-on-demand universe has created constant stressors, unique to our generation, and these have made it increasingly difficult to remain present in the moment, whether the moment is joyful or difficult.

We know that people are eager to experience the satisfaction inherent in living in the present, but it’s difficult to know where to begin and current offerings make it a little intimidating to try. 

In our world where everything is available immediately, it sometimes seems like the antidote to all that busy-ness is time-intensive: 75-minute hot yoga, 30 minutes of strict meditation, an entire weekend of being un-plugged.  But in our messy lives, sometimes we’re not blessed with all the time we’re told we need to un-do life because….life.

RHRN empowers our community to take just 10 seconds, as often as you feel, to inspire change in your life and begin shifting your perspective.  The more time we spend in the present moment the more happiness we create in our life.  We call it being happyful, the love child of happy and mindful.

RHRN seeks to make the practice and benefits of happyfulness more accessible with the RHRN message that offers a visual reminder to stop, take a breath, and to bring us back to the present moment.