So, I totally screwed up being happy. Who does that, right? Turns out, a lot of people do.  But we’ll get to that…

Imagine this:  I’m on a boat, anchored in the bay, sun glistening off the water, my perfect place.  The exterior of my life was everything I associated with happiness.  And I missed the whole thing.

Not literally, of course.  I was physically there.  But mentally I was all over the place, replaying past relationships, should haves, could haves and who knows what all. I was everywhere but in the moment. 

Suddenly, I became conscious of my spiraling thoughts: I was lost in my own freaking head. And it struck me:  How many moments had I missed like this?  What percentage of my life was I totally removed from?  “Right Here Right Now is all I have,” became my only thought.  I took a few deep breaths with my eyes wide open and felt myself become completely present. Within seconds, my mind stopped spinning. I noticed that I felt lighter, more at ease, hyper aware of my surroundings. 

I started telling people about my Right Here Right Now moment – And the strangest thing happened – everyone I know had a similar story to share, how they too were missing chunks of life being stuck in their head.  I shared how I had developed the Right Here Right Now message and created a symbol I called the bump, which served as a disruptor to get out of my head and back into the moment. The folks that I sent bumps to reported back similar stories of feeling more at ease, more present, and happier. We started calling it Happyful – the happiness that comes with being mindful of the moment.  This realization of being Happyful was a seismic shift that left me changed forever. 

I started Right Here Right Now to wallpaper the world with the bump, peppering the universe with sweet reminders for everyone to get out of their head, and to choose to be happy and kind. I want everyone to have access to that Happyful feeling and grow our Happyful Movement.  Come, let's all grab as much happyful as we can in life,  – we can’t wait to share the feeling with you.

RHRN ~ Suzanne


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