Mindfulness Gifts Make the Best “Presence”



Our Kickstart Bump Box is an excellent tool on your journey to self-awareness. Included in this living in the present kit are daily RHRN bumps to provide gentle reminders for trulyexperiencing life in the moment. These products are geared to keep mindfulness part of your lifestyle, wherever you go and whatever you are doing. The RHRN Bump Box is full of reminders to be placed in strategic locations you bump into throughout your day, these products train your mind to stop and experience the moment.  If you are looking to immerse mindfulness into more areas of life, try our premium Bump Box which not only includes our most popular daily Bumps – but also a premium quality Tumbler laser engraved with the RHRN Symbol, a Mini Right Here RIght Now Talking Stick, and a signature Block Print T-Shirt (your new favorite shirt!).

Living Right Here Right Now isn’t a fad – it’s a powerful shift in lifestyle and perspective. Mindfulness has been around since ancient times as a means to greater mental and spiritual awareness. Some practice meditation, deep breathing, or other mindfulness techniques to bring about a heightened awareness of one’s surroundings. At Right Here Right Now, we are here to connect you to inspiring purposeful products and mindfulness gifts that act as positive reminders throughout your lifestyle to connect you to the present moment.

Time has a way of rushing past us, slipping away as we perform thousands of small activities that go unnoticed and do very little to improve our productivity or quality of life. We all have the ability to be more mindful byconsciously deciding what we will do right here and actively observing what we are doing right now. This act of living in the present and being in the moment is a proven technique to exist more calmly, increase positive and innovative thinking, and reduce stress.

The trick lies in remembering to live in the present. As we commit our day to being mindful of our surroundings, we field the multitude of random thoughts that interfere; an upcoming business meeting, preparing the children’s lunch, cycling class today – so don’t forget your active wear, and on and on, as they do, our thoughts race ahead in all directions. Thinking about future activities takes us out of the NOW, the challenge comes in returning to our “present moment” place.  Attempts to reestablish a connection withliving in the moment can seem forced and futile – so we simply forget to continue the practice.  This is where Right Here Right Now positive reminders  pull us back into the moment, that simple bump returns us to the present. This is another reason why incorporating mindfulness into our daily lives, and the mindfulness gifts at Right Here Right Now are a perfect solution to bring self-awareness into your lifestyle.

A Positive Reminder for Remaining Mindful

Explore how our line of mindfulness gifts and products are designed to specifically help you become more mindful, Living Right Here Right Now! RHRN not only provides gentle, positive reminders and visual triggers to living in the moment, but the movement is also a wonderful strategy to overcoming stress and negative thinking. Our line of products are designed for a lifestyle that embraces productive, purposeful moments, and our mindfulness gifts work to reduce those times when the mind wanders in non-productive or erratic thinking.

All of our RHRN products have a purpose and will subtly nudge you into mindful moments – taking a deep breath to experience the gift of your physical existence; taking time to fully observe your environment and your place within it, taking a moment to be grateful for life, love, and family. Our products are perfect for your own commitment to personal transformation or for sending mindfulness gifts to those you know who could use some more mindful moments . All of these ‘Right Here Right Now’ moments work as positive reminders to increase your awareness and keep you mindful of what is truly important. Join the movement and experience a new way of living in the moment!

Each product is a gentle reminder to stick with your mindfulness lifestyle and live, Right Now! These mindfulness gifts grab your visual attention and stimulate your mental processes through apparel, wall art, drink ware, and body ware. The result is an open and honest commitment to a mindful lifestyle that is expressed in what your wear, what you see, and what you do. Visit the Right Here Right Now lifestyle website to start your journey to mindfulness.