The bump reminds us to live in the present

It can be incredibly intimidating to step a toe into the mindfulness pond. 

The industry exists on the central tension that, whatever you’re trying to do to get right, you’re doing it wrong.  For many, the idea of sitting silently, legs crossed, eyes closed, finding nirvana is an absolute pipe dream.  Regardless of whether this idyllic practice is feasible, the whole concept makes some people uncomfortable. 

We believe it is all about creating more Happyful moments in life.  10 seconds, a few breaths, eyes wide open, if you want, that’s all you need to start being mindful.  Relax, you’re doing it right.  


Because mind-wandering is a habit that takes no effort whatsoever, it’s difficult to be mindful and live in the moment.

Regardless of all the benefits of being Right Here Right Now, the long-practiced habit of lamenting over the past or worrying about the future often wins out.

Living in the moment is about keeping your mind from wandering into the past or present by noticing your thoughts, emotional and physical feelings, and the sensory and relational experiences that are in the present moment.

Even though many people believe it’s good for their minds, health, and relationships to stay present with thoughts and attention, they struggle to do it. It can be discouraging—even frustrating—to learn how to live in the moment amidst the busyness and stress of daily life, but it doesn’t have to be once the mind-wandering habit is broken and left in the past.

To Break a Habit It’s Important to Interrupt it as much as possible—then Replace the Habit Right Away With a New One

At Right Here Right Now we have the Bump - the RHRN live in the moment symbol to interrupt the bad habit of mind-wandering and then replace it with the habit to stay present with thoughts and observations, using the 5 Senses and other strategies. But, strategies can only be helpful if we remember to engage them—that’s what The Bump is for.

The Bump gives us reminders throughout the day that interrupt our wandering thoughts and bring us back to Right Here Right Now.

Our Right Here Right Now shop is filled with useful items that carry the beautifully designed RHRN symbol just seeing this Bump gives us the reminder we need to stay present.

Developing the habit to stay present begins with breaking the habit of past and future thinking. The Bump is a fun and effective way to interrupt mind-wandering to stay present. We can only experience what we notice—and we can only notice what we observe when we’re in a mindful state of being.

If we want to truly experience life and appreciate and relate to the people that are in it, we must break our mind-wandering habit. If you haven’t given the Bump a try, we hope you do and let us know how it works for you.