I remember being anchored in the bay.
Lying in the sun, my eyes open.
I was overcome with the feeling of Right Here Right Now – that is all I have.
I cannot change a thing about where I have been and tomorrow isn’t here yet.

The most peaceful feeling settled inside of me as though all my roads had lead me to that very moment.

Like most of us, I had spent a good portion of my life on the move: working, family, friends, some adventures along the way.  What I realized on the bow of that boat was how many lost moments I’d had in my life.  How many sunsets had I missed with my mind spinning in the past or worried about the future?

I began to find gratitude in the lessons of the past instead of pain.  
I stopped stressing about things that likely were never going to happen.
My relationships have flourished with the gift of being present and I have inherently more joy in my life.

Regardless of our journey – The good – The bad – Everything…   All roads lead to now. 
I encourage you to spend as many moments in NOW as possible.

Welcome to the Right Here Right Now Journey

RHRN Founder ~ Suzanne