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So what's with the symbol?

Look for it - it’s our little reminder to be present

The Right Here Right Now symbol is a powerful reminder to get out of our head and back into the present moment.  Each piece of the symbol carries a significance of letting go of the past or not worrying about the future and allowing our thoughts to be held in the present.  Living in the present moment and living your life from that space is vital to our mind, body, health and happiness. 

Each point extending from the middle of the symbol represents the past and the future and different experiences or barriers of the past or future which keep your mind from being in the present moment. 


When you are present, you are living in the moment vs. living in your mind.  The wavy line in the center of the our symbol represents life NOW.  It is a wavy line because life isn’t a straight line.  Life is fluid, always changing, this is good to remember when you find yourself at the bottom of the wave, keep going.  



Hanging on to “what was” keeps us from “what is.”  We can honor the lessons we've experienced and ask ourselves, what did we learn?  Letting go of some of those past experiences is critical for living more moments in the present.  Having and recognizing gratitude for even the smallest of things can help move us firmly into the present each time you practice being grateful.



Wasting our thoughts on future things we can’t control robs us of the joy and experiences in the present moment.  Whether that is acceptance within yourself or a situation, acceptance is a critical piece to being NOW.  Kindness is also an immediate Right Here Right Now moment.  The more time we spend being present the happier we are, the happier we are the kinder we are.  The greatest goal in being present is to spend more time being happy, and our mindfulness of living in that moment is the key. 

Allow the Right Here Right Now symbol to open up more of your world to life in realtime. We cannot change the Past. Tomorrow isn’t here yet. LIVE LIFE NOW