What does the RHRN Symbol Represent?

The Right Here Right Now symbol is not just another pretty face.  It is a meaningful reminder to bump us throughout our day to get out of our head and back into the present moment.  Hence we call our symbol the bump.

Each section of the RHRN symbol holds a reminder of how important being Right Here Right Now is to our mind, body, health and happiness. 


When you are present, you are living in the moment vs. living in your mind.

The wavy line in the center represents life NOW.  It is a wavy line because life isn’t a straight line. 

Life is fluid, always changing, this is good to remember when you find yourself at the bottom of the wave, keep going.  


Hanging on to “what was” keeps us from “what is.”

  • The lower left petal  represents Lessons - What did we learn? 
  • The lower right petal signifies Letting Go - A must have in our quest for living more moments in the present.   
  • The lower center petal is Gratitude - Finding something to be grateful for moves us firmly into the present every time.


Spending our thoughts on future things we can’t control robs us of the joy and experiences in the present moment.
  • The upper left petal represents Acceptance - Whether that is acceptance within yourself or a situation, acceptance is a critical piece to being NOW.
  • The upper right petal represents Kindness - Kindness is an immediate Right Here Right Now moment.  The more time we spend being present the happier we are, the happier we are the kinder we are.
  • The upper center petal represents Happyful.  Happyful - The love child of Happy and Mindful.  The greatest goal in being present is to spend more time being happy.  Who doesn’t want more Happyful?

Let the Right Here Right Now symbol open up more of your world to life in realtime.   We cannot change the Past. Tomorrow isn’t here yet. LIVE LIFE NOW