10 Tips to


  • 1.Stop, take a breath, look around, find something to be grateful for, and reflect on what it brings to your life.
  • 2.Wallpaper your surroundings with with RHRN Bumps to remind yourself to be present. Take a breath and bring yourself back to the moment when you find yourself zoning out.
  • 3.Observe your surroundings and focus on something external to get out of your head. (Trees, flowers and dogs are popular with the RHRN team)
  • 4.Pause throughout your day and pay attention to your thoughts, where the mind chatter takes you and bring it back to the present moment. What are you actually thinking about and is it serving you?
  • 5.Laugh out loud the next time you're stressed and start bringing some levity into your life. Laughter is contagious, so you may well change the mood of the whole room!

Being present happens one moment at a time. The more time we spend in the NOW, the happier we are and the easier it is for us to be kind, and to spread the Happful to everyone around us!

Not sure where to start or how to take a few seconds to be present?

Just looking to get out of your head?

Here are some easy tips!

  • 6.Stand up, walk, stretch, and take a few breaths throughout your day. This is a great way to stop the chaos, calm down, and bring it back to NOW during times of stress. Sometimes a quick change of context can do wonders for your focus.
  • 7.Let it Go. We can't change the past, only learn from it. Try looking for gratitude in things and letting it go; remember that letting go is for you, not them. Living in the past blinds us to the joy of now.
  • 8.Tomorrow isn't here yet. Worrying about what hasn't happened steals away the present, where you actually DO live and CAN make an impact.
  • 9.Center yourself before your key activities: Before walking into work, getting home, driving your car, picking up the kids, or whatever you're doing... Take 10 seconds to bring yourself back to NOW. When we're present, we're our best self.
  • 10.Put down your phone and pick up your life. Take off your "e-leash" & take a break from technology. Your presence is the greatest present.