Mindful Kickstarter Gift Box
Mindful Kickstarter Gift Box
Mindful Kickstarter Gift Box
Mindful Kickstarter Gift Box

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Mindful Kickstarter Gift Box

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Our Mindful Kickstarter Gift Box is filled with our most popular RHRN reminders.    Each item in your Box boasts the RHRN symbol reminding you to stop, if only for a moment and be in the moment.

We refer to our message and symbol as a "Bump" or nudge reminding you to get out of your head and back into the moment.

Your purchase of a Mindful Gift Box includes a plethora of mindfulness tools for sale in our shop in addition to FREE access to the 10 Day, 10 Second to NOW challenge.

At Right Here Right Now, we are wallpapering the world with our message and symbol - it's our visual reminder to get our of your head and be present, if only for a few seconds, so you can get that Happy feeling that comes from being Right Here Right Now.  Fill your day and your surroundings with our symbol as a simple step to developing a happiness and kindness habit.

 The items in your Mindful Box can be used throughout your day combined with suggestions on how to get your Bump On! It essentially takes on the purpose of a mindfulness gift basket and is for sale now among our other stress management gifts across the collections in our website.


  • 2 Wristbands- A little Bump wherever you are, wherever you go.
  • 4 Round Static Clings- A dose of NOW first thing in the morning
  • 4 Round Stickers - A versatile little sticker Bump you can put anywhere.
  • 1 Keychain Bump - Helps keep you present each time you pickup your keys.
  • 1 Presence Pebble Magnet - A quick Bump to NOW!
  • 1 Phone Popsocket
  • 1 Candle Mini-Tin - To light up your Bump!

L - 6" x W - 4" x H - 2"