Right Here Right Now Ladies Block Print T-Shirt
Right Here Right Now Ladies Block Print T-Shirt

Right Here Right Now Ladies Block Print T-Shirt

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These mindfulness t shirts are light, soft, smooth, and sure to become your new favorite! Flattering feminine shape, featuring the popular "Right Here Right Now" lively block print design.

Asphalt White.

Features "Right Here Right Now" and RHRN bump symbol in black, in attractive block print design.

S, M, L, XL.

100% combed and ringspun cotton.

True to size.

3.4 oz to 4.7 oz.

Using combed and ringspun cotton, this shirt is destined to join your favorites, and not only because of the message on it. Feeling comfortable in one's own skin, as well as in one's clothes, is essential to living in the moment, and wearing this shirt reminds you and those you encounter of the message to stay present.

If you love talking about the Mindfulness movement, wearing this shirt, or other similar mindfulness t shirts with positive sayings for sale in the RHRN collection, is a great way to start the conversation about how to remain present in the now while becoming more and more conscious of your moment-by-moment actions. The inviting design reminds you that the things that matter are all around you and that worrying about the past and future cannot move you in a positive direction. Instead, wearing mindfulness t shirts as you go about your days allows you to consistently be present - every time you see a mirror, it gives you a chance to refocus, notice your emotions and sensations, and take joy from that which is everyday and ordinary.

On these mindfulness shirts the positive sayings are block printed and thus stands out against the white of the shirt, ensuring that the message will greet people in a bold way. This shirt is also a great option as a gift for someone who is joining you in your mindfulness journey, so that when you see each other wearing the mindfulness t shirts, you can check in with each other and see how spreading the movement is going.