Right Here Right Now Ladies Slouchy RHRN Hip T-Shirt - Wear Your Reminder To Be Present Everywhere
Right Here Right Now Ladies Slouchy RHRN Hip T-Shirt - Wear Your Reminder To Be Present Everywhere

Right Here Right Now Ladies Slouchy RHRN Hip T-Shirt - Wear Your Reminder To Be Present Everywhere

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Super soft, super flowy, super feminine. Your new favorite girly tee. Features the RHRN "Bump" symbol on your hip, plus subtle "Right Here Right Now" on sleeve. Pure black with a slight shimmer, so elegant you can dress it up or down.

At Right Here Right Now, we are wallpapering the world with our "Bump" Symbol - it's our visual reminder to get our of your head and be present, if only for a few seconds, so you can get that Happyful feeling that comes from being Right Here Right Now.  Fill your day and your surroundings with our RHRN Bump as a simple step to developing a happiness and kindness habit.

Rich black.

Features RHRN bump symbol in white on your left hip, plus "Right Here Right Now" text and symbol on your right sleeve.

S, M, L, XL.

65% polyester, 35% viscose. Curved bottom hem, longer body length, slouch fit, scoop neck, sideseamed.

True to size.

3.3 oz to 4.5 oz.

Learning to live in the moment changes our lives for the better. Presence allows us to live our life in sublime focus, and weather the prongs and arrows of stresses, inconveniences, and hurts without affecting our core environment of serenity. Setting aside the things we cannot control means a self that is always productive, always optimistic, and equipped to handle whatever life may throw at us.

Supplement your inner peace with this stylish, comfortable, and super-soft Hip tee among our selection of womens baggy tops for sale. Our extra-slouchy hip features a flowy, feminine cut with a curved hem and a little extra in the length, making it a top seller in our summer t shirts for ladies section. The slouch fit and wide-scoop neck ensure this will be your ultimate girly tee, and keep you dry & comfortable throughout the day with a luxe poly-viscose blend. All of our mindful apparel, especially our womens baggy tops for sale at RHRN, feature our bump symbol on the hip with a subtle sleeve accent. The pure black dye provides a beautiful, subtle shimmer to the wearer.

Equally appropriate for dressing up or dressing down, the RHRN hip also lets us remember to apply mindfulness techniques at every moment. The summer t shirts for ladies are perfect and practical for practicing mindfulness. Whether juggling our career, kids, relationships, family, or unexpected stressors, we are at our best through consistent, sustained living in the moment. There is no greater gift to give our loved ones, nor ourselves, than remembering to live "right here, right now" with those around us. Consider treating yourself or a special someone with the gift of serenity, joy, and authentic living through mindfulness practice: the rewards are life-changing, and everlasting. Explore our other mindful apparel from our RHRN hoodies to other styles of womens baggy tops for sale now!