Right Here Right Now Photo Clip Wood Sign - Live Life Now
Right Here Right Now Photo Clip Wood Sign - Live Life Now

Right Here Right Now Photo Clip Wood Sign - Live Life Now

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With this mindfulness wall art, you can clip on your favorite picture or saying and create your own RHRN "Bump" with this beautiful distressed wood sign displaying the powerful message of "Live Life Now." 

At Right Here Right Now, we are wallpapering the world with our "Bump" Symbol - it's our visual reminder to get our of your head and be present, if only for a few seconds, so you can get that Happyful feeling that comes from being Right Here Right Now.  Fill your day and your surroundings with our Bump as a simple step to developing a happiness and kindness habit.

“Live Life Now” with RHRN Symbol. 

White text/image on distressed light blue and white background.

W 12” x H 5-1/8” x D 1-1/4”.

Rustic solid wood block.

Silver clip holds photo up to 5” width x 3-1/2” depth.
Made in the USA.

1.2 lb.

Live Life Now is the message displayed on this light-wood-tone block beside a silver photo clip. The message that is conveyed in this mindfulness wall art is much bigger than only three words: it makes us recognize that we are so quick to delay what truly delights us in favor of getting more work done or trying to finish daily tasks. In addition to the collection of carpe diem gifts for sale in the RHRN collection, the mindfulness movement itself says that it is essential to remember what matters to us and do that as soon as possible: we cannot wait to play with our children, cook with our spouse, or spend time with our friends. These things must be prioritized now. Not only that, but they must also be fully experienced. Rather than checking one's cell phone or wondering what will happen next in a television show, this mindfulness wall art encourages us to settle in to the meaningful relationship activities that are happening all around us.

The sign allows you to customize what "life" means to you: maybe a picture of you enjoying time with your pets and partner, a picture of your extended family, or a treasured memory from a trip with your children. All of these photographs, when chosen specifically for you, will help you focus in on the things that matter most and draw joy from them. The slogan itself is painted in beautiful white paint, making this a lovely combination decorative sign: part photo display, part meaningful slogan, all focused on living in the present moment. Explore other carpe diem gifts for sale through RHRN to start incorporating mindfulness into your daily life!