How to Stay Present – What Does It Mean to Live in the Moment


Worrying about the past or stressing about the future robs you of where you’re supposed to be – Right Here Right Now. It’s the only thing you really have complete control of.

When you can learn to live fully in this present moment, you realize you have everything you need. When you take control over your present moments, everything you do has a deeper connection, and when your more connected with everything that you do, there is a life that’s full of gratitude and success.

The RHRN Community is full of people who know how to, or have a desire to live in the present. It’s our mission to spread the word and share with you how simple the message is and how powerful the shift can be.


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Moment of the Month

“I’ve taken up wearing my RHRN bracelet when I climb.  When I began climbing a year ago I was terrified of heights.  Even ten feet off the ground I’d begin to shake.
I’m mentally stronger now, after sticking with it for this long, but I still get nervous and shaky at times.  I love being able to look at my RHRN wrist band when my hands are in front of me on the rock and remind myself that I am fine.
​Right here right now, in this moment I am fine and I remember to breathe.  It’s what I need to recenter my mind so I can continue on.  A great little, simple way to bring​ myself back from worrying about what could be to what’s happening in the present.” ~ Samantha


“Then we realized there were no stream crossings which there were plenty on the way up.  WE WERE LOST!  I had left my cell phone at home and Carol’s phone died halfway up to the falls.”

“Recently I had a two hour commute for a work project—typically, I would have spent the time ruminating about things that aren’t going well in my life, or making plans for the future—thinking I was using my time in the car productively.”

“When I’m working and feeling overwhelmed, I look down and read “Right Here Right Now” and I know I’ll get through it, one file at a time. RHRN has taught me to experience life instead of just living it.”

“Coming to the realization that the moment I am currently in is so much more important than the moment that has just passed or the moments that may be.”