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Tips to Now

Laugh out loud.  Try it next time you’re stressed out. Let’s start bringing some levity to being present.

When you are walking into the house after work, place your hand on the door handle, take a few deep breaths to clear the mind chatter, look around and become Right Here Right Now. Turn the handle and walk in being the best you.

Observe your surroundings. Stop throughout the day and notice your thoughts, not right or wrong, just thoughts. As we begin to pay attention to where our mind chatter takes us we are better able to bring it back to our present moment.  We begin to see things as they really are rather than how we think they should be.

Surround your environment with items that trigger reminders to be present. Spending more time in the moment makes for a more productive and satisfying day.

The more present we are the happier we are. The happier we are the kinder we are. Winner. Winner. Winner.

Think about something you are grateful for.  Focus on something outside of yourself.  Find a reason to smile.

Money is not required to experience moments of NOW, being present doesn’t cost anything and it is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and those around us. 

It is helpful to wear or carry some sort of touchstone that reminds you to be present.  Often, just having that physical reminder helps us settle a stressful, anxious, or depression filled time.  Those little reminders can go a long way in bringing us back to NOW.

Put down your phone.  Pick up your life.